Founders’ Award


2023: Eltonson Suggashie and Carter Smith

2022: Emma Cornelisse and Mia Tullio

2021: Katelyn Secchiano and Megan Acres

2020: Ella Nicholl and George Cantoni

2019: Rebecca McCurdy and Natalia Heinke

2018: Katie Stewart and Danielle Kane

2017: Hanna Johannesson and Jacklyn Marshall

2016: Chelsea Dykstra and Abby Woodhouse

2015: Jacob Smith and Greg Smith

2014: Nicholas Pretli  

2013: Stephen Russell


In 2007, BVALL lost one of its founding members with the death of Eleanor Maxwell. Eleanor was well known in the community as a former principal of Beaver Valley Community School and as an educator who was totally committed to enriching learning opportunities throughout her life, for herself, her students and the wider community. Her son, Alex, knowing his mother's passion in retirement for BVALL and the service the organization provides for the community, kindly asked that donations in his mother's memory be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or to the lifelong learning organization she helped found.

With the funds received in memory of Eleanor and BVALL's commitment to honouring the goal of lifelong learning, the executive decided to offer the first BVALL Founders' Award to a student graduating from Georgian Bay Secondary School. The Award is not intended, necessarily, for the top academic achiever but to a student whose curiosity as a learner has consistently demonstrated an enthusiasm for expanding his/her knowledge - intellectually, socially, culturally and emotionally. The spirit of the award is intended to acknowledge an enthusiasm for learning as a means of growing one's understanding of self, others and the wider world.